Why Study Abroad

Why Choose IRIS Vidhya for Study in Abroad

On completion of the higher secondary and graduation degree, students who aspire to become competent professionals in their career should choose their favourite course and study abroad. Pursuing a post-graduation degree in renowned overseas universities can become one of the most valuable and life-changing decisions for interested students. In the last decade, dedicated students from all over the world are travelling abroad to pursue a higher education course and developing holistically.

Travel and study abroad for higher studies can completely transform you as a person. Besides a world-class education system, you will be able to closely witness and become a part of a unique diversified culture. You will get the opportunity to create new connections, make new friends, and explore exquisite places. The study abroad experience can transform you significantly and guide you the correct route to flourish in your career successfully. 

Significant Benefits of Studying in Abroad

Development of a Global Perspective

Students traveling and studying in foreign countries are more likely to develop the tendency to gain some knowledge from everywhere they travel and everyone they meet. Developing this attitude broadens their mindset and enables them to gain a global perspective. They become more inclined to know the cultures and people of the foreign countries where they are pursuing higher educations or degree courses. You will start to see the world through different lenses completely.

You Become More Responsible with Time

Experience makes you realize and feel a lot beyond your imaginations. While you study abroad, you will find yourself becoming more responsible with each passing day. You will gain more control of your life and take each step being completely aware. This will help your well-being and foster your growth in the professional field.

You will Make New Connections

People from all over the globe will be studying with you, and this will help in making new connections. Even you will find yourself bonding with the teachers and professors. 

You will Experience a Unique and World-class Education System

The foreign universities leverage the best methods and systems to aid international students with comprehensive facilities that would develop and boost their careers effectively.

 Popular Courses that you can Study in Abroad

  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Business Administration
  • Medicine (MBBS/MD)
  • Social Sciences
  • Law
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Accounting
  • Fashion Designing
  • Sports Management

What is the Pathway Course?

Being a well-designed and foundation level courses, Pathways enable an aspirant to strengthen their position in their desired study path before taking admission in a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree course. It helps in improving the language and communication skills of the students studying abroad.

What is a Bachelor’s Degree?

After the completion of higher secondary education, a student can apply for a Bachelor’s Degree course. The tenure of the course is four years. Students as per their favourite stream can take admission in Bachelor’s degree course, be it in Arts (B.A.), Science (B.Sc.) or Commerce (B.Com). Students pursuing these degrees are known as undergraduate students. Colleges and universities generally offer Bachelor’s degrees. 

What are Master’s Degree and MBA Courses?

A student can apply for a Master’s Degree course after the successful completion of graduation or a Bachelor’s Degree. A Master’s Degree is all about pursuing professional courses. It takes a student two years to complete the post-graduation degree successfully. Students pursuing these degrees are known as postgraduates or masters.

Students who are interested in becoming business professionals apply to an MBA course after the completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce. The post-graduation course comprises significant areas of business –Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, and Statistics. It only takes two academic years for a student to accomplish an MBA certificate.

Availability of Scholarships to Study in Abroad

To bring down the overall costs for pursuing higher studies in abroad, you can make effective use of scholarships and grants offered by the universities and Governments. The types of scholarships are:

  • Merit-based scholarship – Based on a student’s academic performance or extraordinary achievements in extracurricular activities.
  • Student specific – Based on religion, caste, family gender, and family background.
  • Country specific – Scholarships provided by the Governments.
  • Subject-based – Scholarships provided by Universities based on the discipline a student pursues.

Services from IRIS: – Top-quality services provided by professional consultants help the students to choose their dream course and achieve overall success in their lives.

  • Counselling – Top-notch academic counselors put great effort and time to direct students to study abroad effectively.
  • Course Advice- Professionals aid aspirants in choosing the correct course that would be valuable for their future.      
  • VISA Application Process – Ensure successful processing of student visas in a quick time.