Study MBBS in Belize

Study MBBS/Medical Degree in Belize?

MBBS in BelizeAlthough little known to you, Belize comprises of one of the best medical colleges and universities. Interestingly, the medical universities in Belize are recognized by world’s prominent medical boards such as the WHO and the MCI. Note that the higher education system of Belize has gained a remarkable reputation due to its high educational standards. Belize is one of the popular destinations for pursuing MBBS because of its easy admission process. Besides that, there are no entrance tests to appear for a MBBS aspirant.

About Belize

Belize is one of the major cities of Central America. In terms of scenic beauty, Belize is a popular travel destination among tourists. But with the advent of a large number of reputed educational institutions, Belize nowadays is a preferred destination for many MBBS aspirants. The capital of Belize is Belmopan. It also happens to be the largest city in Belize. As an Indian student, you do not have to face any language barrier here. It is because the official language of Belize is English. The cities of Belize are much safer for foreign students. 

MBBS/MD in Belize Eligibility Criteria

Since quite a few years, Belize has been one of the most preferred destinations to study MBBS in Central America. If you too are eager to pursue your MBBS course in Central America Belize, check the eligibility criteria below.

  • Age- You should be at least 17 years of age
  • Qualification- You should have Science as your primary stream in 10+2. Moreover, in class 11 and 12, you should have PCB along with English
  • Minimum Qualification- 50% in your board exams
  • Qualifying Entrance Test- NEET score of at least 50%
  • Duration of the course- 5 years
  • Admission Period- From August to September

The Procedure for Admission to Medicine/MBBS in Belize

Belize is rapidly emerging as one of the preferred destinations to pursue medical studies among foreign students. Interestingly, for Indian MBBS aspirants, Belize offers a plethora of opportunities. Whether it is an internship opportunity or extensive clinical research, Belize would always be the preferred destination for medical studies in Central America. Note that a majority of medical colleges and universities are recognized by major health bodies from across the world. But to seek admission in the top colleges in Belize, you have to be aware about the admission procedure prevalent in these universities. The admission procedure for pursuing MBBS in Belize is fairly simple. Students are advised to go through the below-mentioned points to avoid any kind of rejection.

  • Fill the application form of the desired medical college with all the right and accurate information
  • There are chances that the college authorities would verify the information provided by you. Thus, it is always a good idea to provide the authorities with relevant personal information
  • After verifying all your details, the college/university would provide you with an admission letter. Save it for future use
  • Subsequently, you have to pay the university or college enrolment fees
  • After paying the enrolment fees for studying MBBS in the desired university, you have to apply for Visa
  • Obtain Visa for studying MBBS in Belize
  • Book your flight tickets and you are good to study in Belize!

The Syllabus for Medicine in Belize

To be precise, Belize is rapidly becoming one of the popular destinations for Indian MBBS aspirants. Have you ever wondered why? Well, the medical universities/colleges in Belize offer a transparent admission process. Moreover, all the colleges and universities in Belize for MBBS are recognized by major health bodies from across the world.

On the other hand, the higher education system of Belize is quite interactive. The system is student friendly and offers a large number of opportunities. Note that the duration of MBBS in Belize is 5 years. After 5 years, you would be eligible to practice in Belize. To understand all these aspects in detail, let’s delve into the syllabus pattern for MBBS study in Belize.

1st Semester: Anatomy

2nd Semester: Anatomy and Histology

3rd Semester: Bio-chemistry, Anatomy, Histology and Physiology

4th Semester: Micro-Biology, Bio-chemistry and Physiology

5th Semester: Micro-Biology, Pathology and Pharmacology

6th Semester: Pathology, Pharmacology and Path physiology

From 7th to 10th Semester- From 7th to 10th semesters, students are usually taught a range of clinical subjects ranging from oncology to neurology

The recognitions and accreditations of medical universities in Belize

Note that Belize is one of the most popular destinations in Central America to pursue MBBS. Since the last few years, Belize is emerging as the top-notch choice among foreign MBBS aspirants. So you might be wondering that what extra advantages you would get if you pursue MBBS in Belize! Well, to be precise, you would get an array of opportunities when you pursue MBBS in Belize.

The higher education setup of Belize has recently been boosted by the initiatives of the local government. On the other hand, the cost of education and living in Belize are also affordable. These are the general reasons behind the popularity of Belize as a prime destination for pursuing MBBS studies. But now let’s delve into the deeper aspects of studying MBBS in Belize.

All the medical universities and colleges in Belize are accredited by major health bodies like MCI, WHO and USMLE. Interestingly, all the universities of Belize are recognized by the ECFMG. These universities are also accredited by the General Medical Council or GMC. The GMC body allows you to opt for a residency program in the United Kingdom.   

The List of Medical Universities/Colleges in Belize

Here is the list of MBBS colleges in Belize.

  • Central America Health Sciences University

This university is one of the top choices for Indian and foreign students aspiring to study MBBS in Belize. Note that the course duration is 5 years. It has a fairly simple admission procedure. The average fee for first year is 8000 USD.

  • Columbus Central University

When it comes to MBBS, CCU is a name you can trust. The duration for MBBS in CCU is 5 years. You have to visit the university website for the admission process. The average fees are 12000 USD for the first year.

  • The Washington University of Health and Science

It is also one of the most preferred medical universities for MBBS. There is no hassle of appearing for entrance examination here. The admission process is also fairly simple in this university.

Top Reasons to Study MBBS in Belize

Here is the list of reasons to study MBBS in Belize.

  • No need of any entrance test. Your NEET score is enough to get you through the process of admission
  • There is no need to pay any kind of capitalization fee
  • The tuition fees are quite affordable
  • Affordable cost of living. You can get many hostels with modern amenities at affordable prices
  • The medical universities are acknowledged by major health bodies from across the world

FAQs related to MBBS in Belize

What is the medical degree offered in Belize?

   The medical degree offered in Belize is MD

What is the medium of instruction?

   English is the medium of instruction

Can I practice in my nation after passing out?

   Yes, you can practice in your country. But for that you have to sit for the screening test conducted by the respective medical board of your country.