Study MBBS in Abroad

Study MBBS in Abroad

Study MBBS in AbroadIRIS Vidhya abroad mbbs education consultancy has been a pioneer in assisting students to select a university of their choice in abroad over a considerable period of time. At IRIS Vidhya abroad consultancy, we ardently believe in providing in-depth details and information about the pattern of study in top universities around the world. We provide the best medical admission guidance services to potential aspirants. IRIS Vidhya abroad consultancy firmly believes in undertaking a personalized approach to guide the medical students eager to study in foreign universities.

While guiding students to take up MBBS in abroad, we like to keep things transparent. Our transparent work policies and ethics make us number one in the niche of medical guidance. To be precise, opting for MBBS in abroad is a big decision. Hence, selecting the right consultant make a lot of difference. IRIS Vidhya abroad consultancy helps to bridge the gap between universities and aspirants by providing them with all the necessary information and support.

MBBS And Abroad Education Consultancy Services

At IRIS Vidhya abroad consultancy, you would come across a team of trained and expert counselors. Our counselors are well-trained to handle various intricacies related to MBBS in various nations like the Belize, China, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mauritius, Philippines, Russia and Ukraine. Our counselors are adept in giving personalized guidance to select courses which can perfectly fit your career. We also host direct interview sessions with various reputed medical colleges from across the world.

Selection of University
The counselors at the IRIS Vidhya abroad consultancy would help you to choose the right university from across the globe. If you are aspiring to pursue MBBS from nations like the Belize, China, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mauritius, Philippines, Russia and Ukraine, we are your favored choice. We also thoroughly assess the academic documents to ensure it is as per the rules and norms specified by the University.

Guidance to students related to pre-departure
We at IRIS Vidhya abroad consultancy organize a get together of students and parents before their actual departure. We understand that pursuing MBBS in abroad is not a mean task. In this get together session, the students get to realize about the rules of the respective nation and their travel guidelines. Also, we let our students get in touch with other students who are already studying in the respective universities.

Assistance related to currency exchange
We at IRIS Vidhya abroad consultancy also assist our students in availing currency exchange. We also ensure that our students get the best possible exchange rate on currencies. We also have active tie-ups with several international banks who facilitates our students with travelers check and Forex cards.

Top Countries to Study MBBS in Abroad

Country Medium of Teaching
Study MBBS in Russia English
Study MBBS in Philippines English
Study MBBS in Georgia English
Study MBBS in Kazakhstan English
Study MBBS in Ukraine English
Study MBBS in China English
Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan English
Study MBBS in Mauritius English
Study MBBS in Belize English

A Glance of Our Post Departure Services

Here is the complete list of our post departure services.

  • We follow our students to the university from the airport.
  • We provide hostel facilities to our students.
  • We assist you with the process of final documentation.
  • We provide you with a SIM card of the respective university.
  • We assist you to coordinate with the authorities of a particular University in monitoring students.

Apart from providing the students with the above-mentioned facilities and services, we also help them with traveling. For instance, we from our end would help you to identify the right airline in case you have excess luggage. Thus, IRIS Vidhya abroad consultancy remains involved with the MBBS aspirants during the full cycle of their academic pursuit. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and let your dreams come true!