Study in USA

Why Study in the USA?

United States of America is considered to be a land of opportunities for the students coming from different parts of the globe to pursue higher degree courses in the worldwide renowned and top-ranked colleges and universities in the USA. The country is home to people of diversified cultures and ethnicities. There are numerous places to visit and explore across the country for international students while pursuing their degree courses in USA universities. The USA is one of the ideal destinations that would aid you to develop your skills and grow academically, socially, and culturally.

About the USA

The United States of America comprises 50 states, and five territories are self-governed along with one federal district. The USA world’s one of the most developed countries, as it boasts a population of more than 320 million. Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States of America. The biggest city is New York. Besides diversified culture and inhabitants, the country is famous for having the best education system for international students pursuing higher degree course programs in the universities in the United States of America. Due to the presence of a strong economy and abundant availability of developed services compared to any other nation in the world, the people of the USA maintain a high standard of living. The most popular country spends a significant amount on the education sector.

Potential Requirements for MS, Post Graduation and Engineering Studies in the USA

Aspirants pursuing coveted higher degree courses in the USA have significant chances to get high-profile jobs in their respective fields and grow their career in the best way possible. Universities in the USA that provide higher degree courses in MS, Post graduation MBBS and Engineering Studies have their official websites. To enroll in their desired degree courses effectively, students can check out the requirements of the universities.

  • Indian students applying for Master’s degrees need to complete 10+2+3 years.
  • A requirement of standardized tests score.
  • International students are required to sit for an English proficiency examination if their first language is not English.
  • To take admission to MBBS in the top medical universities in the USA, medical aspirants need to have at least 50% marks in PCB (10+2) and qualify the NEET exam with pass marks.
  • To pursue higher degree programs in Engineering, students should have qualifying marks in entrance exams – TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc.
  • Official certificates of extracurricular activity and other achievements can immensely help students to get admission in higher degree programs. 

Top Reasons to Study in the USA

  • The universities in the USA have been gaining immense popularity among international students for having the most effective standard of education. On completion of post-graduation programs successfully from a university in Canada, students get great offers to foster their careers successfully.
  • Most of the top-ranked universities in the USA offer a wide variety of higher degree courses to international students.
  • The education system is extremely flexible for the students to adapt themselves with the subjects and effectively pursue their coveted courses.
  • The universities in the USA provide excellent assistance to international students by conducting practical classes, orientation programs, workshops, and comprehensive training.
  • The course fee in universities in the USA is budget-friendly compared to the other universities in European countries.
  • Students can explore and make themselves a part of diversified culture.
  • Students can make new connections by meeting new people and immersing them in a vibrant and energetic campus life
  • Safe and secure accommodation facilities.

Admission Criteria for Pursuing Higher Degree Programs in the USA

  • The majority of the universities in the USA require a student to have at least 16 years (10+2+4) of education.
  • Students need to have a certification of English language proficiency.
  • Need to provide successful application form proof of secondary school completion.
  • A student needs to have a minimum GPA of 3 on a scale of 4.
  • Students need to show work experience of at least 1-3 years in the field of study for pursuing Masters in Business Marketing.

Scholarships at USA Universities

Being a reputed country, apart from the top-notch universities in the USA, the Government of the USA also provides scholarships and grants to international students who have excellent academic records.

(Government-funded scholarship)

  • Fullbright Foreign Student Program
  • Hubert Humphey Fellowship Program

(Non-Government-funded scholarship)

  • Civil Society Leadership Awards
  • Preply Scholarship 

Top Colleges and Universities in the USA

Top-ranked universities in the USA offer the international students pursuing higher degree courses several facilities, apart from regulating higher-standard education system.

  • Florida State University
  • Truman State University
  • Binghamton University
  • Asbury University
  • The City University of New York

Post-study Work Opportunities

The majority of the international students on successful completion of their higher degree courses show their eagerness to gain work experience staying in the country. Students can apply for a post-study work visa for one year after their post-graduation degree course.